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Your Partnership For Powerful Content: Video Editing And Beyond

Hey YouTuber!

We see you hustling out there.

You’re creating smoking content, but we wanted to reach out because we’re concerned…
Think of us like your loving parents, we see your grind, we appreciate it, but we also want to help.
By offering support.

You’re A YouTuber… We Know You Know What Burnout Is

Maybe you’re even starting to feel a little burned out yourself.

Your upload schedule…it’s great, and we would love for you to continue to crank out content for your viewers. After all, it is what gets some of them through the day!
But maybe it’s time to look into getting some support to help you get through your day!
I know we said to think of us like your loving parents, but scratch that!
Parents can only do so much. Instead…

Think Of Us As Your

YouTube Co-Pilots!

We are at your service to provide your videos with high-quality edits that grow your channel, save you time and frustration, and entertain your audience!

We work by unlimited monthly editing plans, not by the project, so whenever you’re up against a deadline, we can turn around a polished video quickly.
Or, if you have a fantastic idea but don’t have the editing skills to achieve your end goal, let us do the work for you!

Our Monthly Plans Allow You To Keep Doing What You Love, Minus The Stress And Pressure

Plus, our monthly plans allow for unlimited video requests and unlimited revisions.

Okay, We Know What You Might Be Thinking…

Maybe you’ve tried an editor or two before, and what you got back…was just missing what your personal touch adds.
We get it… it can be hard to match a brand’s voice, especially one as unique as a YouTubers’.
But we aren’t your run-of-the-mill editors.
Our team has over 16 years of experience working in television post-production.
The dream team here at Editing Machine came together excited about the future of independent creators, wanting to pour our skills and talents into content creators to make them feel empowered!
Yes, other editors you worked with in the past may not have cut it, but we are truly a cut above the rest.

We've created over 10,000 videos seen by over 40 million people

With constant pressure to deliver regular content to your audience...
You shouldn't have to be limited by the time and complexity of video editing.​

“But who can really edit for me, in exactly the right style I’m looking for?” 

Ideally you need an editor that is:​

But where can you really find all that... oh, wait.​

Hand over your content to a professional team, and remove the stress of finding Video Editors forever....​

...and more importantly, you now have more time to focus on filming more, and better quality content! ​

Editing Machine is for you if:

We are NOT for you if:

Below Is Our Simple 3 Step Process For Delivering High Quality Edits And Exceptional Channel Management:


We’ll match and assign a pre-vetted, handpicked and fully trained in-house Video Editor,specialized in YouTube and social media content

This means they’re experienced with increasing viewer retention, engagement and watch time, effectively growing your audience on autopilot
No recruitment, training or managing needed. They’re ready to go, waiting for your videos


We then combine your Editor with world-class Graphic Designers, Scriptwriters, YouTube publishing experts and Managers

Forming your YouTube production dream team


Everything is brought together and systemized with our custom built client portal, specially designed for YouTube content creators to manage multiple projects all in one place.

See project statuses, communicate with the team, review videos, leave feedback, request revisions and so much more. 
If you want to leave timed revision notes, we’ve also integrated frame.io into our portal, which makes the whole revision process fast, easy and effective. 

See Inside Our Custom Built Client Portal That Makes Being A YouTuber, So Much Easier!

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Editing Machine!

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What the AUDIENCE is Saying About
Editing Machine!

We have plenty more, but you get the idea!

So, ready to see what we can do for YOUR channel?

  1. Book a call for a FREE channel strategy session.

  2. We’ll take a look at your channel, get to understand your goals, and will see if we’re a good fit.

  3. We’ll discuss the next steps, and give you some options. 

No more scrolling! There's just one thing left to do - book a call, and we'll speak with you soon.



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