Why We're In Business...

With a foundation in television production, Editing Machine has flourished in helping YouTubers and businesses make a success of their video content. This is how it all started…

YouTube is a special place. Even in the early days when it was full of badly filmed cat videos!

In recent years, the content has exploded with high quality, professional and highly engaging standards. In fact, we’ve noticed channels that are not keeping up with these standards, are getting left far behind. 

With over 15 years experience of working in television post-production, location and live studios, the Editing Machine team came together inspired by the new era of quality YouTube productions.

We had a dream to empower these creators with our time, experience and skills, and really make a difference in this virtual world of content.

But then something happened…. 

Huge freelancing websites appeared with massive marketing budgets, offering a “talented”, “skilled” workforce from all around the world, ready to edit your video just the way you want, for just $5! 

In reality, many of these “video editors” have little experience and lack the skills to be able to produce the high standards that are becoming essential today. 

Of course there are some great freelancers out there, but it takes so much time to find and manage them, plus they can be very expensive over time.

So did this stop us? In fact this made us even more determined to stay true to our mission. Offering a quality, professional grade editing service to the ever competitive YouTube market, for individuals and businesses that need a long-term solution, and all at an affordable accessible fixed monthly price.

Every one of our editors has a television background or extensive professional video experience. We will never let our standards drop in the name of profit.

Our Creed

We believe business is about solving problems, not just making money

We want to build the best company and help as many content creators as possible, so we constantly re-invest profits into our business.

We believe in being honest

Editing Machine actively promotes honesty in everything we do. This includes not having any ‘surprise’ fees and charges.

We believe in maintaining high standards

As every YouTube channel is competing for viewers, the best long term strategy is quality. We take the same approach with our business.

We believe you get what you pay for

We spend whatever is needed for the best reliability and performance. 

We believe in you

We only exist because of our clients, so your success is our success. Everything we do has this in mind.

Let's do it. Edit for me!

Our mission is to save the time of video creators by freeing them of the entire editing process, while also adding production value to their work.

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