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For a fixed monthly subscription, our professional team will take care of all your video editing – so you can focus on the filming! 

Take the hassle out of being a YouTuber, and never edit another video ever again! 

"We loved making YouTube videos...

…but the editing was taking so much time, we started to neglect the channel. Now with you guys editing, we’re uploading content every day!”

Jesse Molinsky , CEO , Alternative Design

How it Works


Send us your footage and any notes using our Upload Form. 


We’ll start working on it, and get it completed usually within 48 hours.


We will notify you by email when your video is ready to view. You can watch, request changes and approve, all from our video review platform. 


Your Channel manager can upload the approved video to your YouTube channel. It can be set ‘public’, ‘unlisted’ or ‘scheduled’. Whatever you prefer.

Everything needed to reliably outsource your video editing....

How many of these would you get with a freelance editor?

Dedicated Editor & Channel Manager

You will be assigned one primary Editor, plus your Channel Manager - Your main point of contact.

Project Dashboard

See all your projects, and their current status on your dashboard in the client portal.

Everything for YouTube

All in one place - Video Editing, Thumbnail Creation, Banner Design, Ad Management, Channel SEO and more...

Uploaded to YouTube

Every video is automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel. Included with every plan!

Video Review Platform

To easily review and approve your videos.

24-48 Hour Delivery

We aim to have your video ready to review within 48 hours (Monday-Saturday).

Video Stock Included

We use video stock libraries, which your editor will use to enhance your video.

Motion Graphics

We use motion graphics templates, which your editor can use to create lower 3rds, animations and branding.

Music & Sound Effects

We have access to extensive music and sounds effects libraries.

Color Grading

Your footage will be color graded & enhanced.


You will have full copyright ownership of your videos.

No Contract

Cancel any time!


If you're not completely satisfied after 7 days, we'll give you a 100% refund!

Why use Editing Machine?

We understand the pains of searching for freelance editors!

Will they increase their rate? Will they need time-off? Will they leave me for a bigger job??

Plus finding, negotiating and managing the freelancers can take so much time, and can be a constant worry for any content creator. Every freelancer works differently!

OK, so how about a video production agency?

Absolutely! And they can usually provide great results.

But the problem here is, they are very high priced, and they charge per video, which is not great for a YouTuber that needs to produce as much content as possible.

Also, these agencies are not specialized in YouTube.

That's why we created Editing Machine!

Build specifically for YouTubers and businesses that just want to film their content, and have everything else taken care of for a fixed monthly price. 

And this wasn’t just a ‘random idea’. Our foundation comes from over 15 years of television directing and post-production experience.

We’re here for you, for the long-term. Which is what YouTube is all about! 

See Our Work

When we say 'quality editing', this is what we're talking about...

Who Are We?

With a foundation in television production, Editing Machine is a team of professionals who are passionate about quality content. Your content! Learn about our values, and why we're doing this.

We Love Our Clients!

Brian Turner

With 2 YouTube channels of 377k and 33k subscribers, Brian Turner knows exactly how to grow an audience. 

We helped Brian get his time back, so he could focus on maintaining his crowd! 

Alexander Ziskind

Alex runs a YouTube channel about Native Script with over 6k subscribers.

He approached Editing Machine so that he could get all his time back, focus on creative ideas for the channel and grow his audience. 

Omar Edralin

Omar approached us with the goal of re-branding and growing several YouTube channels. 

We assisted in many aspects of these channels, and he was amazed to see how he could grow an audience without spending any of his time editing! 

Trevin Peterson

With a YouTube channel of over 23k Subscribers focussing on Amazon FBA and Entrepreneurship. 

We helped Trevin get his time back, so he could focus on his business and growing his channel. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Anything! We specialize in YouTube, however we can edit videos for any platform you need. We can also edit weddings, property or educational content. Just ask!

Our turnaround is usually between 24-48 hours. If you request any amendments, it will take up to another 24 hours but normally this is much quicker.  

Using our video review platform, you can leave notes for your editor to make any changes you’d like. The Unlimited and Team plans include unlimited revisions!

However starting an editing plan with us is risk free! If you’re still not completely satisfied with our work after 7 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund. No hard feelings!

You can upload content for as many videos as you like. We will create a queue, and work on one video at a time, so as soon as each video is approved, we’ll start working on the next 

The ‘Lite’ plan has a maximum of 4 videos per month.

The ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Team’ plans allow you to request unlimited videos to be edited.  These will be queued up and we’ll work on them one at a time. If you have multiple YouTube channels, you can request videos to be edited for all of them, all from the same plan! 

As a guide, most of our ‘Unlimited’ clients receive 8-12 videos per month.  

Each edit usually takes between 24-48 hours (excluding Sundays), and revisions completed within 24 hours, although this is usually less. 

Absolutely not. All our team are in-house, and are constantly trained and assessed by us. Editing Machine is managed by television professionals, and we have earned a reputation for high standards.   

We know there are many video agencies that do outsource everything – but that’s not us. 

You can read more about our company HERE.

Beats me! Click on the button below to get started, and never edit another YouTube video again!

Let's do it!

Our mission is to save the time of video creators by freeing them of the entire editing process, while also adding production value to their work.

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