Channel Management

Included with every plan!

Every client is assigned a ‘Channel Manager’ who will be your main point of contact. They will:

  • Manage your requests.
  • Learn about your channel style and requirements. 
  • Co-ordinate your editing and graphics team, and cover absences.
  • Upload your new videos to your YouTube channel automatically.

Your content can be scheduled, unlisted or published – whatever you’d like!  

All our Channel Managers are experts at YouTube.

Unleash their potential with these extra services below....

Extra Services...

SEO Optimization

Setup your channel for organic growth, and maximize its long-term potential.

Your Channel Manager will use in-depth audience data to optimize the titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails and overall channel performance. They will continuously monitor and improve the growth of each video.

From just $95 per month. Please contact us for more details.

Paid YouTube Ads

Launch a paid ad campaign on YouTube, and we'll manage the budget for you.

Your Channel Manager has extensive experience in video marketing effectiveness and strategy, and will make sure your campaign has the best ROI possible. 

Service fee is just 20% of your ad budget.

Buy an Audience

Buy thousands of views, subscribers, likes, shares and comments to boost your reputation.

Did you know, you can legitimately increase your statistics with using a network of paid viewers? This is 100% legal, and does NOT breach any terms of your YouTube account. Sometimes, channels need a little help to get recognized! 

1000 views from just $20. Contact us for more information.

Our mission is to save the time of video creators by freeing them of the entire editing process, while also adding production value to their work.

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