Setting new standards in video production for the whole world.


Years Experience

Working in live television and post-production.


Views Generated

We know what works and how to grow an audience for our clients.


Revenue Generated

We create video content for our clients that converts.


Founded in 2019, Editing Machine has thrived serving content creators and businesses create more and better quality video content. Many years later, our journey is still just beginning…


A New Team & HQ

Our team expanded to over 10 editors, serving a diverse range of content creators globally. We established our official company headquarters in London, UK.


2nd Office Opened

We celebrated the completion of our 10,000th video project! Our growing customer base led to our team expanding to over 30 creatives, and we opened a second office in Islamabad.


AI Service Launched

We launched Editing Machine AI, introducing the world’s first and fastest hybrid video editing service.


Academy Launched

The debut of Editing Machine Academy, offering specialized training and coaching for video editors, content creators, and businesses.


Editing Machine Founded

After 15 years in live television in both the UK and the US, Editing Machine was founded to bring professional production standards to YouTubers.


Expanded Our Services

We broadened our services to include sales content—ads, video sales letters, brand, and product videos—leveraging over a decade of experience in retail television.


3rd Office Opened

Our work amassed over 40 million views. We also opened a new office in Lahore, which now hosts more than 50 creatives.


Scale Service Launched

Editing Machine Scale was launched, focusing on creating high-converting and organic content designed to boost business revenue.

Our Goal

To be the most recognised brand for video editing services in the entire world.

our core values

These are more than just words. We live by these values and it makes us who we are.

Customer-Centric Excellence:

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, providing an experience that goes beyond our core service offerings.

Efficiency and Accessibility:

Our service is designed for efficiency and ease of use, making professional video editing accessible to content creators of all levels.

Innovation and Adaptability:

We embrace innovation in technology and processes, continually adapting to the evolving needs of our customers.

Community Engagement and Responsibility:

We value our role in our customers groups, as well as the local communities that we have a presence. We engage in responsible business practices, and contribute positively to the industry and the world.

Ethical and Transparent Operations:

We conduct our business with integrity and transparency, ensuring fair practices, ethical operations, and clear communication.

In-House Expertise and Team Culture:

By keeping all operations internal, we maintain control over the quality and consistency of our services. Our team culture is built on collaboration, mutual respect, and a shared passion for video production.