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Edited 5000+ videos, for creators including:

With constant pressure to deliver regular content to your audience...

You shouldn't have to be limited by the time and complexity of video editing.

"But who can really edit for me, in exactly the right style I'm looking for?"

Ideally you need an editor that is:

But where can you really find all that... oh, wait.

Hand over the editing to a professional team, and remove the stress of editing forever....

Regular, Reliable & Affordable!

...and more importantly, you now have more time to focus on filming more, and better quality content!

Here's just some of the ways we can help you...

Quality Video

Reliably outsource your video editing.

Youtube Video

We can create professional thumbnails for each one of your videos.

Repurpose Videos For Social Media

We can convert your YouTube videos for Instagram, TikTok or any other format. 


We’ll create effective titles, descriptions, tags and elements, then schedule or publish your videos.

and so much more!


How does it work?



Upload your
video files.



We’ll edit to your style.



Use our review platform, then approve or request changes.



Download! Or transfer the video directly to your channel.

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what other YouTubers are saying...

Editing Machine literally provides everything you need to reliably outsource your video editing...

Dedicated Editor & Account Manager

You will be assigned one primary Editor, plus your Account Manager.

Project Dashboard

See all your projects, and their current status on your dashboard in the client portal.

Video Review Platform

To easily review and approve your videos.

Uploaded to YouTube

Every video can be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Video and Audio Stock Included

We use a number of video / audio and graphic template libraries, which your editor will use to enhance your video.


You will have full copyright ownership of your videos.

But who are we?

And why trust us to edit for you?


Founder & CEO


Head of Production


Lead Video Editor


Lead Designer


Head of Content

A top ranked company managed by UK television professionals...

With over 16 years experience of working in television post production, location and live studios, the Editing Machine team came together inspired by the new era of quality
YouTube productions.

We had a dream to empower these creators with our time, experience and skills, and really make a difference in this virtual world of content.

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But it's all about the results, right?

Here's some of our recent work...

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Editing Machine used their expertise, experience and style with MY videos...

I run 2 different channels and I feel like I spend all day behind a screen just editing, so I wanted to get a lot of that editing off my plate, so I could focus more on the creative ideas process, and also focus of different parts of my business that I just wasn’t having time for. 

But the part I didn’t expect was to have Editing Machine use their expertise, experience and style with the videos because it’s increased the production value of the videos and brought this fun poppey style to my channel.

Brian Turner
Brian Turner

382K Subscribers

The best decision I ever made!

They saw my vision, and continued on with it, just better! 

Since I no longer feared the editing stage, it opened me up to experimenting with more complex story telling, multiple camera angles, and multiple video sessions. 

Now I trust Editing Machine to kick things up a notch for my videos, in a way I couldn’t have seen before. 

Alexander Ziskind
Alexander Ziskind

61.6K Subscribers


When I started using them, I had around 7K subscribers, and I was doing all my editing by myself. It took me hours and hours, and quite frankly, it sucked! 

I then came across Editing Machine, and saw the quality of work they did, and the pricing that they offered. 

In that first month, I can’t tell you how much time they saved me, and how much the quality of content increased, and my subscribers went up, people enjoyed my content a lot more! 

Trevin Peterson
Trevin Peterson

42.1K Subscribers


These guys that are editing your videos, have television directing experience and post production experience.

Therefore, they will know exactly how you want your videos to look like. 

Do yourself a favor, and sign up for Editing Machine! 

Omar Edralin
Omar Edralin

2.97K Subscribers



Most Frequent Questions and Answers
Anything! We specialize in YouTube, however we can edit videos for any platform you need. We can also edit weddings, property or educational content. Just ask!

We understand there’s no better way than to just see for yourself! So when you select your plan, we can offer you the option to try one single edit, before committing to a full month.

Plus, starting an editing plan with us is risk free! If you’re still not completely satisfied with our work after 14 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund. No hard feelings!

This really depends on the length and complexity of your videos. 

On one end of the scale, if your videos are very short and simple, then we can probably provide 25-30 per month. One the other end of the scale, if you want us to edit a complicated 1 hour long documentary with custom animations, it will probably just be that one!  

As a guide, most of our clients receive 8-12 videos per month. 

If you have multiple YouTube channels, you can request videos to be edited for all of them, all from the same plan!

We don’t believe that we should be offering just one standard of editing. Every client has different requirements, and so we offer these 3 plans to give you more choice about the level of editing you’re looking for. 

Our Junior, Creative & Senior Editing teams have different levels of experience and tools available. The results you get will reflect this.

LITE – a budget plan for simple projects, handled by our Junior Editors.

PRO – A good balance between budget and expertise, handled by our Creative Editors. Most of our clients choose this plan.

CREATOR – Only our Senior Editors work on these projects, and the results are outstanding.

To see examples of each plan, click HERE.

Our turnaround time is usually between 24-48 hours (Mon-Sat). If you request any amendments, it will take up to another 24 hours but this can be much quicker.

We also offer an urgent 24 hour delivery service for an additional fee.

You can upload content for as many videos as you like. We will create a queue, and work on one video at a time, so as soon as each video is approved, we’ll start working on the next.

Absolutely not. All our team are in-house, and are constantly trained and assessed by us. Editing Machine is managed by television professionals, and we have earned a reputation for high standards.

We know there are many video agencies that do outsource everything – but that’s not us.

You can read more about our company Here!

Beats me! Click HERE to get started, and never edit another YouTube video again!



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