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With a foundation in television production, Editing Machine has flourished in helping YouTubers and businesses make a success of their video content.

With over 10,000 videos edited, and over 40 million views, we've created videos for some of the most well known creators around the world. Are you next?

Based in London, managed by UK television professionals...

With over 16 years experience of working in television post production, location and live studios, the Editing Machine team came together inspired by the new era of quality YouTube productions.
We had a dream to empower these creators with our time, experience and skills, and really make a difference in this virtual world of content.

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Our Goal

To be the most recognised brand for quality editing services within the entire YouTube creator community. 

Our Creed

We believe business is about solving problems

We want to build the best company and help as many content creators as possible, so we constantly re-invest profits into our business.

We believe in being honest

Editing Machine actively promotes honesty in everything we do. This includes not having any ‘surprise’ fees and charges.​

We believe in maintaining high standards

As every YouTube channel is competing for viewers, the best long term strategy is quality. We take the same approach with our business.

We believe you get what you pay for

We spend whatever is needed for the best reliability and performance.

We believe in you!

We only exist because of our clients, so your success is our success. Everything we do has this in mind.


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Got Questions? Here's A few Answers...

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We specialize in the following types of content for YouTube:

  • Talking Head Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Vlogs
  • Reaction Videos

When starting an editing plan with us, part of the onboarding process is to learn your requirements and find out exactly what you’re looking for. The team will then work towards this.

If you ever want to request any changes to a video after the editing has been completed, we have a revisions platform to make this incredibly easy!

This really depends on the length and complexity of your videos. 

On one end of the scale, if your videos are very short and simple, then we can probably provide 25-30 per month. One the other end of the scale, if you want us to edit a complicated 1 hour long documentary with custom animations, it will probably just be that one!  

As a guide, most of our clients receive 8-12 videos per month. 

If you have multiple YouTube channels, you can request videos to be edited for all of them, all from the same plan.

Our turnaround time is usually between 1-3 days (Mon-Sat). If you request any amendments, it will take up to another 24 hours but this can be much quicker.

We also offer an urgent 24 hour delivery service for an additional fee.

You can upload content for as many videos as you like. We will create a queue, and work on one video at a time, so as soon as each video is approved, we’ll start working on the next.

Absolutely not. All our team are in-house, and are constantly trained and assessed by us. Editing Machine is managed by television professionals, and we have earned a reputation for high standards.

We know there are many video agencies that do outsource everything – but that’s not us.

You can read more about our company on the ‘About’ page.

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