We believe agreements should be as simple as possible…

Editing Machine is a video editing service designed for content creators and businesses. For clarification, please make sure you read and understand this agreement before ordering.

The content we create for you, will remain your property and you will fully own the copyright. We merely act as a production service provider. Editing Machine will not hold any liability for damages caused or prosecutions as a result of publishing your content. 

  • We will aim to deliver your edit between 1-3 days (Monday-Saturday), however occasionally this may be longer, and will depend on the complexity of the edit, and total number of projects per month.
  • Once completed, we will provide you with the option to request any changes using our video review platform. These revisions usually take less than 24 hours.
  • Only once each video has been completed and approved, we’ll start to work on the next video in your queue.
  • Editing Machine holds no responsibility for loss or damages, and by entering into agreement with us, you understand that we will act as a production service provider only. 

All guidelines are subject to change. 

Thank you for considering our services, and we can’t wait to edit for you!