Coping with Changing YouTube Trends


In today’s competitive world, everybody is eagerly trying to create something new and unique from others. But sometimes it turns out to be either way. The ball is always in the audience’s court and they may dislike your new creative style or grow bored with your current one. So what to do?

You must keep up with the changing trends while being considerate about your audience’s interests. There are a few things you should keep in mind and implement them to stand out.

Some things to consider:

Whenever you decide to start a YouTube channel, try to choose a niche that is adaptive and allows you to easily explore new things while staying current with changing trends. Just to be quirky don’t try to take a start on something that will only be around for a short time.

Don’t be too quick to launch a channel especially if it’s about a topic with limited scope for future exploration. Some channels which are created just to cover specific events may see an increase in viewership but that would be only for a short period. You should go into the business with lofty objectives. To achieve big you have to think big, and YouTube should be no exception for that.

Be Mindful of Your channel:

Starting a YouTube channel is as easy and as difficult as we can think of it. It requires a proper mindset, clarity, and research. You need to be sure about what content you’re going to put out on your YouTube channel. You should have a proper timeline and the right guide on which you should start. 

Try to have a conversational tone:

Don’t try to “act” in front of the camera just to be different and unique. The audience is smart enough to recognize when you’re faking it. Try to be natural; it will benefit you a lot in the longer run. In other words, you won’t feel obligated to perform for the camera or you’re there just to enact something. A more casual and friendly tone would be appropriate. Like you’re having a conversation with your audience.

Choose the name wisely:

Try to choose a name that is easy to remember. And is somehow related to the topic of your channel. So that people can easily recall it and recommend it to others.

Managing changing trends and shifting audience preferences: 

When it comes to changing YouTube trends and outperforming the competition you should always prioritize your audience’s preferences and dislikes. If you want to make a video about a current trend, ask your audience about their ideas and how they would like to see a video about that particular trend. Alternatively, try to communicate and discuss your idea for making the video in your own unique way. Ask them if they would like to see it that way.

Be Distinctive:

Create content that your subscribers will enjoy. This will help you improve your YouTube ranking because, as they say, “happy subscribers make great channels”. Look for your competitors and the content they are making but keep one thing in mind: in the race to become the best, don’t lose sight of the ethical values that inspired you to start your channel in the first place. Try to revisit and optimize your marketing strategy regularly for better results.

As with content creation, you must be aware of and adapt to changing trends. YouTube also has to conform to the changes being made on different social media platforms. For example, there has recently been an increase in the popularity of short video formats on various social media platforms. YouTube experimented with this and introduced a similar feature of YouTube shorts which was well received by the audience. Similarly, YouTube has taken initiative to introduce many of these features over time simply because the audience preferred it that way. 

How YouTube Algorithm has evolved over the years:


When YouTube first launched in 2005 the only way to measure viewership was by the number of clicks and views on a video. That helped several channels with low-quality content rank higher. YouTube’s algorithms were then modified to promote videos with a higher completion rate. Time was still not an effective tool to measure viewership. To achieve better results the “like”, “dislike”, and “not interested” buttons were introduced.

In 2022, as we live in an era of Artificial Intelligence, viewers are recommended videos based on their search history and the type of content they consume on a daily or weekly basis as well as videos they spend more time on. YouTube algorithms are constantly being updated to benefit viewers based on their preferences.

To gain a better understanding of the changing algorithms and how to adhere to the new policies watch this video and thank us later.

YouTube is primarily a viewer-focused platform. As previously discussed, the platform’s policies change from time to time. So as a YouTuber you must remain vigilant. When there’s an update on the site, the viewership fluctuates. So you must adjust accordingly. And if you want your content to make up for the new policy, you should create something that meets the new policy’s criteria. Try to be relevant and use keywords that will help you rank.

You have several options for finding out what’s going on with people these days or what type of videos are trending. The YouTube trending section is one of them. Take some time to explore it. Be observant about it and concentrate on the content that is relevant to your channel. Continue to try out new things (obviously by prioritizing your audience’s interests). Don’t fall behind. Remember, this is a never-ending race, and you’re there to compete to the best of your ability. 

Now that you know how to deal with changing trends “on” and “of” YouTube, all you have to do is take this useful information and try to create desirable content. Be more interactive with your subscribers and try to get yourself ranked.

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