How to Rise in the YouTube World

If you’re reading this you are either already working on your YouTube channel or probably planning on it. Even in 2022, there are many people who still don’t consider YouTube as a viable career path, and to be frank, for a lot of people it won’t be. But that’s not the whole story, far from it in fact. You must have a favorite YouTube channel or even a few. 

Should You Have a YouTube Channel?

The mainstream media who never took YouTube seriously now all have channels of their own on the platform. It’s a bit ironic when you think about it but it does make sense! Almost everyone I know gets their news online, even if they’re watching traditional news channels, they’re doing it on YouTube. It might seem like enough reason to consider creating a channel of your own, but there is more to the story.

Darkside of YouTube

If you do a deep enough dive on YouTube, you’ll see there are plenty of channels that look like digital ghost towns. There are a few reasons why people abandon their channels, and if you’re looking to make it as a YouTuber, you should know those reasons. 


They fail to grow the channel or not at a pace that makes sense for them. Honestly, this is probably the most common reason why people quit. It is quite understandable if something is costing you instead of making you money like you were expecting, you will soon reach a point when you can’t move forward with it no matter how much you want it. 

What you can do to avoid this is research. Lots and lots of it before you jump in (like you’re probably doing right now). 

  • Know what kind of content you’re capable of creating
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Channels with similar content, their posting schedule, editing style et Cetra.

Lack of Consistency:

The only thing you can get by being inconsistent is a guarantee of failure. YouTubers do an excellent job of making it look easy, it’s anything but easy. You can’t just produce videos when you like it. You have to sit down, brainstorm, get to writing, re-writing, and then can you begin shooting something. But then you might have stuff to reshoot, and then comes the part that most people dread – editing. (Oh, we can help you with the last one – shameless plug, we know!)


The internet is probably the most useful tool ever developed by humanity, ironically, it also happens to churn out all of humanity’s toxicity. And when focused on individuals, it becomes incredibly hard to do anything about it. 


The last thing that comes to anyone’s mind, and this is a sneaky one. It can happen to you no matter what you do for a living. What to do about it? Well, if you find out, please let us know as well. Just kidding, wouldn’t leave you hanging like this. If and when that happens – first of all, congratulations for making it that far – switch up your content, take a breather and think about what kind of content you don’t want to make and what you want to do next. Whatever you come up with, give it a go!

Why did I give you all of this information?

Easy. To let you know if you can tackle all of this, if you can rise above all of this, you can be the next rising star on YouTube. Look at YouTube as your battlefield, if you want to emerge victorious, you need to know the battlefield like the back of your hand. You need to know where every trap is, only then can you walk on it and rise to your victory (sorry for the excessive war analogies). 

A bit of Inspiration

Look at MrBeast, when he had less than 100K subscribers, his mom kicked him out of the house, even that wasn’t enough to make him quit. It’s a good thing that he didn’t because the rest is history and it’s pretty epic, to be honest. 

If you end up starting a channel or even if you already have one, just show up every day, and stay true to your craft. Data keeps showing that audiences respond the most to original and raw content. And if you need our help, editing-wise or just about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

See you out there, now go be a YouTuber!

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