What Are the Benefits of Personalised Interactive Videos?

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There’s always a space for videos in the world of marketing. In fact, right now, it’s safe to say that it’s occupying quite a prominent spot. 

Before, marketing activities involving videos were entirely one-sided – brands make a video for consumers to watch, and that’s it. That’s all changed now. Today’s consumers are more vocal about what they want, and they want more. That’s how personalised interactive videos were born. 

In this post, Editing Machine, your trusted editing agency, shares some of the benefits of personalised interactive videos:

Improved User Persistence in Videos

People love to click and watch videos – especially those that are interactive. When you join the video to related content, it gives people more reasons to watch and stay with your video. 

Interactive videos provide the users more control over the video, unlike traditional videos. When the users are in control, they don’t feel that they are being forced to watch something. And the best part is, you don’t need to worry about the users leaving midway through the video.

More Conversions

Interactive videos are proven to increase the number of conversions drastically. For example, gamification can be used in interactive videos for more conversion. With interactive videos, brand and business owners can now increase the number of conversions by offering rewards, prizes, and incentives to their customers.

The whole idea of interactive videos is similar to games. The users are given rewards and incentives for watching the video and completing the game. 

In the process, more and more consumers are getting acquainted with the brand and its offerings. 

Higher Quality Leads

Interactive videos help you not just acquire more leads, but the leads are of higher quality as well. This is primarily because the users are spending their time on your content. They take time to watch the whole video, and they interact with it. Yes, they interact with it. The users are digital, they are of the generation that doesn’t like to be forced to do anything. When they interact via mouse clicks or by answering surveys and questions, they are actually doing you a favour. This is because they are engaging with you and your brand. 

Better Understanding of Potential Customers

With interactive video, you can have a better understanding of the consumer’s problems. This is because the users are answering questions and completing tasks during the video. 

You can also use interactive videos to get some valuable feedback from the users. Doing this early in the process is better than trying to come up with a solution for the problem after you have already created something. 

Even though the users are getting something in return for this, they are helping you. By interacting with your interactive video, they are telling you a lot about themselves. And this information is priceless. It can be used to help you create better products and services for them in the future. 


Interactive videos have a lot of benefits. They are more engaging, they help you build a better brand image, and they help you acquire more customers. However, the best part of using interactive videos is they help you connect with your customers in a very personal way. 

Of course, you need to be sure that your personalised interactive videos look professional and are highly engaging. Working with a video editor with lots of experience in making interactive videos is crucial. 

Editing Machine is a reputable editing agency in the U.K.  that can help you with the tedious editing part of video production. Let our experts edit and polish your videos so you can focus on other important aspects of your business! Contact us today to find out more about our editing services!

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