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Every minute, YouTube receives over 500 hours of video. Every hour, 30,000 hours of video are uploaded. As the numbers intimidate you, you may be worried about your video content ever standing out or being seen and watched by the right people. 

Numerous factors contribute to your video’s success in reaching the intended audience, resulting in more views and subscriptions. As such, it’s critical to know the guidelines when starting a YouTube channel.

Read on to discover how to improve your YouTube video content (and how to grow your channel organically!).

The Consistency 

One of the main reasons YouTube channels fail is that creators start channels and upload content almost every day for the first three to six months before losing interest. Avoid this blunder by planning content three months ahead of time. Uploading a video once a week for three years is preferable to four times a week for six months. 

The Quality

Everyone wants to be a Facebook, and Facebook is the foundation of the social media industry. Nobody wins a newly discovered territory in which they can be the first to enter and reap the benefits. To be noticed, however, you must make a difference. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; what matters is that you’re knowledgeable about it, and your videos should reflect that. Your subscribers should see a reasonable return on their time investment. 

The Engagement

The creation of content for tutorials, recipes, food, or lectures is the same. Views on YouTube are only counted after a viewer watches the first 30 seconds of your video. Furthermore, YouTube algorithms monitor how long users spend watching your videos and prioritize your content accordingly. As a result, if you want to increase the number of people who watch your video, you must make sure that everyone watches it all the way through. 

Where Content Creators Fall Short

Producing engaging videos on a consistent basis necessitates dedication. You must plan ahead, be patient, and have a three-year vision to increase your subscriber base. To edit your YouTube videos, you’ll need the help of a professional video editing company. 

Content creation is now a simple process. Today’s creators can make videos that last anywhere from two to ten hours in order to upload twenty minutes. In this case, a YouTube video editing company can make a significant difference. 

Any video editing company that specializes in YouTube video editing will make your life easier. While optimizing your video for YouTube takes time and effort, it provides a significant competitive advantage. 

What to Keep in Mind for Better Video Creation 

  • Editing and shot selection 

A 20-minute YouTube video will most likely have taken about 120 minutes to film. A video editing service is skilled at trimming footage and selecting the best shot for the final twenty minutes of your video. To add, the process of creating an engaging video that effectively communicates the message is known as editing. 

  • The Color Grading 

The aesthetic of your channel is established through color grading. You could have shot your raw footage at any time of day or year, with less-than-ideal equipment but when the final videos are properly graded, everything comes together seamlessly. 

  • Audio Remix 

Note that SFX can be used to either save or destroy a video. The audio levels in the final video are matched, and sound effects such as wind, fire, and swoosh are used to enhance the scene. 

  •  Motion Graphics

The video includes animated cosmetic enhancements that can be used to highlight a person, scene, or location. To improve the feel of a YouTube video, use motion graphics such as lower thirds, call-outs, or animated social media icons. 

  • Visual Transitions 

The finishing touches are provided by transitions and visual effects. They can make your video stand out. 


Somehow, with the right talents and discipline, you could grow your YouTube channel organically. Additionally, you could always seek the professional services of a YouTube video editing company so that you could focus on the originality and the story of your videos. Feel free to collaborate and be supported by other YouTube creators as well! This, after all, could only increase your value.

Are you in need of a YouTube video editing service? Editing Machine is here to help you create and produce valuable video content in a knick of time! Work with us today!

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