5 Easy Hacks To Increase Your YouTube Views!

No need to act humble, you and I, both know that one day this video will be preserved for our descendants to watch thousands of years from now. 

But for all of that to happen, we have to make sure that it actually gets seen. How is it going to happen given that your last video barely had 30 views? And let’s be honest, most of them were probably from your mom. 

I’m not going to lie, there’s work that needs to be done if we want this video to succeed and get the recognition and views that it deserves. Let’s get to it! Follow the 5 points ahead like your life depends on it.

What you need before we move ahead:

Where do you stand? Know your numbers – More equals better!

  • Views
  • Watch time 
  • Subscribers

Why so much work for YouTube? Easy, every minute 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube, and 500 billion videos are consumed every day. Knowing this, how could you not want to work on making a bigger mark on YouTube? But beware, these stats make it harder for you to make your mark. 

1. How do Your Viewers Behave?

How does your audience behave? How do they reach you? There are a few ways your viewers find you. They can come across your videos through the search page, your homepage, or the recommendation section. Whenever your video appears in one of these to your viewer, it counts as an impression.

Your job is now to stand out. What you need is a great thumbnail and an intriguing caption to go with it. Basically, you have to do everything and anything to make your video more clickable than other videos on your viewer’s screen. Now that you have successfully gotten them to click on your video, you must observe your viewer’s retention. What this tells you is how much of your video your viewers are watching. 


Having an understanding of all these metrics will help you in making crucial decisions and will reveal important things about your viewers that will help you in the future as well, even while filming your content you’ll be aware of what to do and when to do it. For example, if your viewers aren’t staying for the whole video, or are watching it by fast-forwarding it a lot, maybe you can trim it down or even split the content. 

2. Knowing Your Viewers:

It must be noted that more the videos you have the more data you will collect. You must figure out what type of content is working and what is not. If you work out who is watching your videos, you will be able to cater to them better. Try making a connection with your audience as soon as you can. If they feel connected to you, they will feel a certain ownership over your channel, which will lead to them engaging/liking/commenting more on your channel. This all will help with the growth of your channel.


See which videos are getting the most views, and try and build on that content more. Engage with your viewers on Social Media and in the comment section of your videos – replying to their comments or even liking some of the comments. 

3. Become More Visible:

You’re about to post the most amazing video anyone has ever made but no one can find it on YouTube. How are your viewers going to watch it if they can’t find it? You have to work on the title but that’s not enough. You have to apply the relevant tags and keywords. Also, work on your description, it helps a lot with ranking in search results. 


Do your research. Look at the competition, figure out which keywords to focus on based on their titles, and description, and also do your own keyword analysis. Chances are, if your competition is using certain keywords and is getting views, you might also need to incorporate those keywords into your content as well. 

4. Get those clicks!

So your videos are getting a lot of impressions but low clicks? This one has an obvious fix but is not so simple. Obviously, your thumbnail is not good enough to get your viewers to click. I can suggest a lot of things here and chances are nothing will work. You have to look at popular templates and even then you have to play around to figure out what works best for your viewers. 


Think from your audience’s perspective, and see which of your videos have the highest click-through rate. The probability is that those are the thumbnails you need to replicate (but not copy exactly). 

5. Drive Traffic from elsewhere:

Unfortunately, sometimes, even after you have done everything, you are just not getting the views. In situations like this, you have to look to other platforms to drive traffic to your videos. What you can do is post on other social media platforms, urging your followers to go see that new great video that you just dropped. 


To drive more traffic and do it faster, use ads. You can use YouTube ads or even ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Ads are a great tool to grow your channel quicker. The only downside is that you have to spend money. 

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