5 Game-Changing YouTube Trends You Should Know Of In 2022


YouTube trends change all the time. What appears to be a popular video one month may receive little attention the next.

However, specific platform patterns are long-term. To be a successful YouTuber, you must remain ahead of the curve by monitoring these advancements and incorporating them into your video plan.

Here are five of the most essential, niche-independent themes that will characterize YouTube videos in 2022 to help you get in the know.

1. YouTube Live and Premieres

To begin with, people are growing increasingly interested in live programming. Live streaming allows YouTubers and their followers to communicate in real-time. They convey an enthralling narrative that is unfiltered and unaltered.

People spend eight times as much time watching live videos as they do watching conventional on-demand stuff. Furthermore, numerous YouTube monetization tools, such as Stickers and Super Chat, are only available for live streams.

Premieres are gaining popularity as a bridge between live streaming and standard YouTube videos. You may use the same monetization capabilities as live broadcasts to interact with your audience while they are viewing one of your videos. Premieres, if nothing else, provide an excellent opportunity to respond to viewer inquiries and receive rapid feedback.

2. YouTube Shorts

The second idea to watch out for is “shorts”.

Here, we mean content that has been created especially for mobile devices – and specifically, for watching on the go.

Short-form content is perfect for users who want to catch up on the latest YouTube trends on the bus or train in a couple of minutes.

It is also an excellent way for influencers to engage with their audience personally, as there are fewer demands on the viewer’s attention.

3. YouTube Games

This is one trend you may have already noticed.

YouTube gaming has been growing steadily over the past few years and is now a significant part of the platform’s content strategy.

As well as YouTubers, there are many traditional gamers on the platform who have huge followings.

It works like this – YouTubers play a video game, record their screen with a webcam and share the video with their audience.

It sounds simple, but there is a lot of potential for growth and collaboration. Influencers can form teams, create custom content and even make money from playing the game.

4. The Rise of Video Commerce

One of YouTube’s priorities for the coming year is integrating further video, live streams, and commerce: Video Commerce. They are not alone in this, since Meta and TikTok are also totally devoted to making their content’shoppable.’ In an interview with Modern Retail, the newly appointed YouTube executives stated that in 2022, they would focus even more on Video Commerce. YouTube believes that making videos shoppable can bridge the gap between discovery and purchase. 

They will increasingly intertwine video and e-commerce in the coming year, making it easier to buy the things featured straight immediately. “We already have a fantastic amount of retail material,” says top lady Bridget Dolan. Our next venture will be to figure out how to make that shoppable over time.”

5. Follower-Decided Content

Finally, the last trend that could significantly impact influencers is “follow-decided content”.

This means that the audience, rather than the YouTuber, chooses what is featured in the video. It gives viewers a chance to participate, allowing them to affect the content and even the monetization of the video.

For example, a physical product could be featured in the video by product placement, or YouTuber could choose a product by viewer voting.

And if viewers can choose what goes in the video, they can probably vote to make it longer, too.

As YouTube becomes more and more of a social platform, it is easy to see why influencers should adapt to creator-optimized content. In the long term, it’s likely to lead to more revenue.


YouTube trends are constantly changing. What has all the makings of a viral video one month could get hardly any attention the next.

Some trends on the platform, though, are long-term. To find success as a YouTuber, you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on these developments and integrating them into your content strategy. 

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