5 Reasons To Be A YouTuber!

So you’re considering being a YouTuber? 

I have two things to tell you:

  1. I have Magic Powers
  2. You Should, a hundred percent pursue YouTube

The first thing is easy to prove:

This is not the first time you’ve considered this. I know this how? Like I told you, MAGIC!

About the second thing, let me lay an argument before you so you can decide for yourself instead of trusting an article that you read on Google!

1. Not one but 2.6 Billion Reasons

According to Statista 2022, 2.6 billion people on this blue planet access YouTube at least once a month. Because I have magic powers, I know that just like me you use YouTube way more than just once a month. In fact, you probably don’t know anyone who uses YouTube just once a month. 

Why does it matter so much?

Well, the more users YouTube has the more chances your videos will have to be viewed. It’s a numbers game at this point. But once you’ve entered the game and learned everything about your channel’s SEO, thumbnail, etc, you have to focus on the content because at its core YouTube is still and will always be about the content that creators make. 

2. Second Largest Search Engine

How does this benefit you as a YouTuber? Look at it like this:

What do you think is likely to get you more views:

  • Luck/Algorithm
  • Or people actively searching for something similar to your video?

To be honest, depending on the video, a bit of both. But we’re here to look at the practical side of things, so we’re gonna focus on the second part.

As mentioned above, you’re gonna have to do SEO for your channel and videos – because you want to be as discoverable as possible. Being the second largest search engine, YouTube has the ability to drive a lot of traffic to your channel and videos. 

A bit of a bonus these days is that if you search for something on Google if Google can find something related to it on YouTube, they’ll show those videos as one of the top results on the search page. Essentially, you have the two largest search engines working potentially to your benefit. How cool is that?

3. Billion Hours of Viewership

Every day people watch over a billion hours worth of content on YouTube. This means, that if you have something to say and it’s worth listening to, chances are your content will find its viewership. 

I feel like I should emphasize here that people are more likely to give your videos watch time if you make good content. 

4. Influence

Online influencers have developed a bad reputation recently. But is that really the case?

There are people on YouTube who have genuinely helped people become better versions of themselves and continue to do so. 

A little fun fact:

Alexei Navalny arranged a lot of protests and gathered thousands of people for each protest just because he had a huge YouTube following. 

But YouTube isn’t great just to achieve political goals. Once you have a certain following, you can get brand collaborations and endorsements and get paid a lot of money for it. 

A whole career isn’t it?

5. Brand Building

Do you have a product or a service that you would like people to know and care about? 

If yes, YouTube is your best friend. 

Ninety percent of people who use YouTube say they discover new products or brands on YouTube. If you do the Math, that’s 2.34 BILLION people discovering new products on YouTube. If you have a product or service that people can benefit from, there’s no real reason why shouldn’t be on YouTube. 

If you need someone to help you along your journey on YouTube, get in touch with us. Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll help you get there faster! 

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