Are You Losing Subscribers?

One of the worst experiences that YouTube content creators experience is losing subscribers. The pain of losing subscribers is even worse for YouTubers who are relatively small and struggling to make a mark on their platform. 

It is common for YouTube content creators to obsess over the loss of even one of their subscribers. This is understandably so because gaining an audience is often an upbeat battle that needs effort and patience.  

If you are experiencing this problem, you should first try to understand why you are losing subscribers. This article will assist you in identifying some of the reasons you are losing your subscribers and give you tips on how to stop the loss.  

Why Are You Losing Subscribers? 

Like any other business, YouTube is always changing. However, in YouTube, the consumption trends are influenced by the dynamic nature of the viewers’ interest in the content produced. Most viewers are interested in new and fresh content. 

However, when the content begins to seem cliché, viewers lose interest and drop out from being your fun altogether.  

This is just one of the many reasons why your audience could be gradually dwindling. Let us look at other common causes of subscriber loss.  


Viewer Fatigue 

Sometimes viewers stop watching content on YouTube for no particular reason. Most of these viewers enjoy the content of the video, but they often get fatigued as they binge-watch. 

Once they reach their limit, some of them unsubscribe to YouTube to reclaim their headspace.  


YouTube Removal of Fraudulent Accounts.  

One of the things that first time YouTube content creators do not realize is that YouTube audits their list of subscribers once in a while to track down spam and bot accounts. This process often includes account verification. So once YouTube detects any suspicious activities in your channel, it deletes the accounts from your list of subscribers or your YouTube platform.  

Previously, YouTube conducted these audits a couple of times a year. However, today the audits are more regular. YouTube deletes these accounts as soon as they appear, in real-time or at least after a day or two of you gaining new subscribers.  

If you do not recognize this as one of the reasons you are losing subscribers, you might get alarmed by the numbers on your platform’s analytics. 

It might stress you up as you try to figure out where you are going wrong or what you are failing to do. 

However, be aware that the loss of subscribers is not your fault. The process is automatically deleting these accounts from all YouTube channels gives you peace of mind and a chance to concentrate on what matters. 

Although this process makes the number of subscribers decrease, knowing that the audits make YouTube a better place for everyone should give you a little comfort.  


Viewers Outgrow Your YouTube Channel 

YouTube video viewers are often on a quest to quench their thirst for knowledge, fun and entertainment. It is essential to keep in mind that your subscribers are on a journey of discovery. So, as they thirst is quenched and their interest change, they may outgrow your channel.  

However, this should not alarm you. As your old subscribers outgrow your channel, other new subscribers fall in love with your present content and your past and future content.  


Posting Cliché Video Content 

Many YouTube viewers often unsubscribe to channels that do not post fresh content. As mentioned earlier, viewers interests and attention are very spontaneous. A video content that gets you 100,000 plus views today may not attract any opinions at all after two days.  

So, as you create your video content, you should know that it has a limited shelf life. Therefore, this calls for creativity and has always been on top of global issues to create content that most people can relate to.  

For instance, you may have gathered many views and subscribers for creating content about a popular TV program such as Game of Thrones a couple of years ago. However, creating more content on this topic now may not interest viewers as before because the program ended, and most people are no longer interested in it.  

So as you create your content, avoid being blindsided by its current popularity. At some point, viewers interests will inflect, and you might lose subscribers as your topic dips in popularity.  


The trick is simple. Think you have new content? Act fast and be among the first people to cover a trend before other YouTubers create content. Acting fast allows you to enjoy extra viewership and subscription before the topic or content becomes cliché and then inevitably dies.  


The Rise of Better Channels.  

YouTube is a competitive media platform. YouTubers always strive to outdo one another to gain more views and subscribers. This competition benefits the viewers because they are presented with better options to choose from.  

So one of the reasons that your subscribers are unsubscribing from your channel is that they have probably found a channel that posts better content on the topics you present. This was not the case a few years ago.  

However, as the number of channels increased, viewers’ attention was divided amongst several creators. So, it would be best if you actively came up with creative content that will keep your audience hooked to your channel. 


Changing Niches on Your YouTube Channel 

Another reason that subscribes unsubscribe to your channel is when you keep shifting your niches. Once you open a YouTube channel, you should focus on a single niche. That is why it is crucial for you to think about your niche before settling on it seriously.  

Why is it so crucial for you to keep to one niche? Well, most new viewers subscribe to your channel under the assumption that the video they just watched reflects what your channel is about. When they delve deeper and realize that your channel is all over the place, they get confused and lose trust in your ability to deliver credibility.  

Try to stick to one niche and develop your mastery in it. Doing this establishes their trust in you as an expert in your field. 

Although at times, it is inevitable to lose subscribers, as we have seen in the sections above, you should avoid some of this causes of subscriber loss by analyzing your channel’s data and getting back on track.  

If you must change the niche of your YouTube channel, you should do it gradually. Although you will lose some of your subscribers, many of your most loyal fans will move with you through the transition period. 

However, changing your niche abruptly may not leave your viewers with an option other than to unsubscribe to your channel. 


Paying for Subscriptions 

One of the methods that YouTubers use to solve their low subscription problem is to pay for a subscription. However, if you have tried this method, you will attest that YouTube content creators’ money is not worth their revenue.  

Moreover, the accounts that YouTubers use to pay for a subscription are fake. They are often set up by bots specifically for selling subscribers. These accounts are usually deleted automatically by YouTube during the auditing process.  

For example, if you have 20,000 subscribers, 15,000 of which you have paid. You might end up with only 5,000 subscribers once YouTube implements its audit process that detects and shuts down fake accounts. 

So do not buy subscribers. Instead, it’s better to work with a video marketing specialist, who can create an effective video strategy for your YouTube business. We can also assist with this at Editing Machine.


Lack of Consistency in YouTube Videos Uploads 

YouTube viewers subscribe to channels because they expect to get regular content from your channel. So when you stop uploading videos regularly, viewers get disappointed over time and unsubscribe after a while. 

These viewers look for channels with similar content and subscribe to the channels.  

The good news is that viewers do not actively unsubscribe to channels. So, you can maintain a huge following even after staying a long time without updating your YouTube channel. However, you do not want to take any chances with viewers who like trimming excess fat from their subscription list.  


Bottom Line 

Working with our YouTube video agency will enable you to overcome most of the challenges that new YouTubers face, especially before they gain enough viewership to allow them to monetize their channel.  

We never promise that working with our editing company for your YouTube videos will automatically grow your audience from one or two subscribers to a billion views or 100 million subscribers. This may not be feasible, especially within a short time, but we can assist you to gallop to 1,000 subscribers faster than you would do it by yourself.  

Our team is experienced to be able to guide you into reaching viewership heights you would not have gone before. So, don’t be tempted into closing down your YouTube channel because of your massive loss of subscribers. No situation cannot be salvaged! 

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