4 Best Practices in Recording Better Audio for YouTube Videos


Creating content for the world’s most popular video-sharing website requires more than excellent content. Sometimes, it is also all about having excellent audio. For example, YouTube is an ideal platform to share life updates with subscribers interested in what happens in the content creators’ everyday lives.

But aside from the spectacle of seeing the videos come to life, viewers are unconsciously using the videos’ audio as a gauge if they will continue watching or not. Therefore, as more users rely on watching videos online to learn, get entertained, or convince themselves to support a brand, providing better content and audio is an excellent way to get more views.

However, recording better audio for YouTube videos isn’t a walk. Aside from using high-quality equipment, it is also vital to consider how the overall production captures the audio with the video. Therefore, here are some best practices for recording better audio for YouTube videos.

1. Eliminate Ambient Noise

One of the most common video production mistakes is failing to eliminate ambient noise. Ambient noise usually happens when the video’s audio and the video capture audio are mixed. However, some cameras are also notorious for adding a lot of ambient noise to the audio.

Using an environment audio cover is the best way to eliminate ambient noise. It is essential with video content where the video is being recorded in an open area. If you are content creators who are planning to shoot outside, or if you are planning to record in an open space, you must bring a portable sound source.

2. Use a Better Microphone

One of the biggest reasons videos struggle with audio is that content creators use the standard microphone that comes with their computer. Content creators are making the mistake of relying on their computers instead of investing in a higher quality microphone.

However, there are many portable microphones on the market. Recording better audio for YouTube videos requires using the best microphones to capture the best audio. Even the highest-quality recorders are not immune to ambient noise, so using a microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern will reduce ambient noise.

3. Record Audio in Highest Quality Possible

Content creators trying to record better audio for YouTube videos should use the highest quality audio possible. Recording the audio in higher quality will help content creators in post-production as they try to adjust the sound to suit their needs.

However, if you are not an audio professional, it is best to hire one. Otherwise, simply use the highest quality audio available. If you cannot afford a professional audio engineer, you can always use a portable audio recorder that can be used to record higher-quality audio.

4. Edit Final Recording with Good Headphones

Although the microphone is vital for getting better audio for YouTube videos, editing the final recording is also important. Homemade content creators should use the highest quality headphones to change the audio. It is only logical to conclude that if you want to make content that captures the attention of a massive number of viewers, you should also make audio content that will keep them engaged.


Recording better audio for YouTube videos is an excellent way to capture the attention of even more YouTube subscribers. Of course, it requires more than just recording better audio, but also using a better microphone, using high-quality recording, and paying attention to what you are recording.

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