How to Hire a Video Editor for Your Channel

How to Hire a Video Editor for Your Channel

Have you ever watched a YouTube video that takes too long before getting to the important bits? Boring, right? It is probably due to poor editing.

If you own a YouTube channel, the only way to stand out from your competition is by posting the best and most useful content. This consists of content that answers the viewer’s questions without risking losing interest in the video, which leads to high abandonment rates, thereby affecting your rating. This is why proper video editing is essential.

With the right video editing, you can turn your rough footage into a professionally done, seamless product. The process of editing can be daunting and tedious. It involves using complicated video editing programs and requires a lot of time to produce the final content before aired. To avoid the hustle involved in a DIY YouTube editing project, it is always better to let a professional YouTube video editing service do the job for you.

If you are considering hiring a video editor for your YouTube channel, here is important information you need to know.

What is video editing?

Video editing is what sets apart professional quality YouTube videos from amateurish content. It is a time-consuming effort that requires an eye with attention to detail to be done right. When done well, almost no one notices the edited bits. When done poorly, your video might make it to the list of the worst edits of all time.

No one wants to watch a video with visible cuts in it. Proper video editing turns those rough cuts into seamlessly flowing content from beginning to end.

The real cost of video editing

Without a doubt, poor video editing is expensive. It affects your views, which affects your ratings and ultimately lowers your bottom line if you make videos to make money. While it is possible to edit your videos, video editing requires some real skills.

There is a lot that goes into video editing. Some of the main tasks include:

Removing useless footage

During the shooting process, you usually are left with a lot of flawed takes. One of the big tasks of editing is getting rid of the unusable footage while ensuring none of the imperfect takes makes it to the final cut.

Picking the right footage

In editing, there is a huge difference between removing unwanted footage and picking the required footage. Sometimes, you end up with numerous takes for the same material, making it hard for you to choose the best one. A professional video editor has the right eye to pick the best one for your final video.

Creating continuity and flow

Apart from picking the best takes, proper video editing also involves picking takes that complement each other. These are then placed in order to create a seamless continuity to the video. Picking the wrong takes will show a lack of flow in the final product. Continuity is part of establishing a flow. This means finding videos with a consistently established detail throughout the takes. This is the real magic of video editing.

Adding music, effects, and graphics

For a YouTube video to look professional, it needs to have music, intro and outro graphics, and lower third graphics. These need to be dropped in the video and synced correctly. If you are new to video editing or not trained in video editing, it is best to hire a video editing agency such as Editing Machine (that’s us!) to do it for you. Such agencies have motion graphics designers with experience in this line of editing.

Creating illusions

If you are making a video that needs special effects, video editing is the part of the process where you add the illusions. Professional video editors are skilled in subtly adding special effects to ensure it does not overwhelm the content. They have the necessary tools and techniques to change pace, mood, and setting to create an illusion.

For these processes to be possible, one must invest in some software programs and web applications, which can be expensive. Even when you can afford these applications, you cannot use them if you are a beginner or have never edited videos professionally before.

While you can use simple drag and drop programs, smoothing out the transitions, adding multiple files, and synchronizing your audio might be near impossible. You will find free video editing tools out there, but they will not give you the professional-grade end product you want your content to be. All professional grade-editing tools available require you to have advanced editing skills to use them.

You are already investing a lot of your time to shoot the video. Let a professional video editing service do the editing legwork for you.

Hiring a video editor for your YouTube channel

Whether you are new to making YouTube videos or suddenly require the services of a professional video editor, hiring a video editor from a reputable YouTube editing service should be on top of your list. Room for different budgets

Contrary to popular belief, getting your YouTube videos edited by a professional at a reasonable price is possible. The cost a YouTube agency charges for editing your footage depends on how they rate their work. YouTube video editing agencies such as Editing Machine offer different plans for different editing needs, whether you need weekly videos edited or need to hire a complete creative team for your channel. The best editing service should be able to offer services to meet different budgets and editing needs.

Getting things done on time

As has often been mentioned in this article, video editing is a time-consuming task. The best video editor should be able to focus all their time and energy on your project. The best video editing agency should offer a dedicated editor to your project to ensure it runs smoothly and that your video is ready in time for the next upload.

How to hire a video editor

There are few ways to tell if a candidate is a right fit for your channel.

Assess previous projects

This gives you the best indication of whether they are the right candidate or not. Always ask to check their portfolio. Check the type of videos they produce and the work they have done in the past. Consider a video editor with experience in editing work that involves videos similar to yours. Also, go for a video editor who has worked with clients in your niche.

Check reviews

A video editor’s reviews can offer details on their ability to handle your project. At a glance, you will be able to see how previous clients rate their work and feel about working with them again. Check for the most recent reviews as they tell you the current state of how the agency runs.

The cost versus the services

When it comes to video editing, the service rate can give you an idea of the quality of service to expect. Before hiring a video editing agency:

1. Assess how much different agencies charge for similar services to get a rough estimate of how much quality editing services might cost.

2. Find a company that charges reasonably for the editing services you need.

3. Ensure you understand the scope of their work and that it is clearly reflected in the quote.

The benefits of hiring a YouTube video editing agency

A fresh eye

You can benefit from the insight of a person who has not interacted with your project during shooting. This brings a fresh perspective when editing. Having a fresh set of eyes look at your project adds to the creative process, which can be beneficial when editing the final piece.


A Professional YouTube video editing agency can deliver skills that stretch beyond editing videos. When you hire a professional editing agency, they take on the role with professionalism and experience. They bring on board members to the team to offer services such as managing the channel, content editing, and even graphic designers. All these talents work together to deliver the best product for your channel.

Saves time

Once an editing agency has your crew lined up, video editing becomes more manageable and less time consuming, ensuring the editing process runs efficiently and smoothly. The timesaving benefits of hiring professional video editors are seen in the fact that you get more time to spend on other tasks related to your channel, and your content is ready on time.


Professionals are highly reliable. Hiring a video editing agency for your channel gives you access to guaranteed service delivery on the timelines agreed. This ensures you can count on the work being done and delivered per your schedule, preventing the need to keep your viewers waiting. Reliability also guarantees high-quality edited work.  

 Find the best YouTube video editor regardless of location

Finding a local editor can limit your options. Consider going to an online company for more options. Online based YouTube editing services present you with a pool of talented and experienced video editors from all over the world. This gives you the right platform to compare and only hire the most qualified professional editor for your YouTube channel. 

Hire a professional video editor

Shooting your footage is the tip of the iceberg of your video making journey, with editing being the central part of the process. If you want to run a highly successful YouTube channel, you need Editing Machine on your side! This video editing agency will take your amateur footage and turn it into YouTube gold.  

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