How Your YouTube Videos Help You Improve Your Website


If you have a YouTube channel, it goes without saying that your audience will be interested in visiting your website to check what you have to offer there. People are constantly in a hurry while using the internet. So you typically have less than 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention with your website and its content. For example, have you ever closed a website because you didn’t find anything interesting?

If your clients don’t find anything valuable on your website, they’ll choose to leave as soon as possible, which will negatively impact your website’s bounce rate. This, in turn, will affect your overall search engine ranking.

Nowadays, the digital world revolves primarily around video. If you incorporate videos into various sections of your website and if they find something that piques their attention there is a reasonable probability that your customers will stay on the website for a little longer. This will undoubtedly benefit your website stats.

As we all know by this point, before stepping into a certain field we should choose a specific niche and narrow down our audience based on our content to make a stronger and better impression on our consumers. A website is required to establish any internet business; if you’re a YouTuber, managing a website with video content would be easy. This will increase your website’s CTRs, retention rate, conversions, and profitability.

So let’s get started on integrating video galleries into your website.

Integrating Your Own YouTube Channel’s Video Gallery on Your Website:


Text cannot diminish the relevance of video, nor can video replace the impact of words. They both work together and are important in their respective industries. If we’re talking about YouTube, then obviously primarily our focus would be video content. However, including these videos on your website will require the help of written text for better understanding. Including the appropriate quantity of text and video on your website will improve its appearance.

According to current trends, the value of video content on your website cannot be underestimated. There are several advantages to including a video gallery from your YouTube channel on your website.

Gives a Better Understanding of Information:


Users often spend no more than three minutes on any content while skimming over the web to find the information they seek. As modern consumers, most of us expect fast gratification and would not waste a second on something that may appear dull to us, even if it is necessary to know.

According to research, our brain is more likely to remember visual information than lengthy paragraphs of text. Video, on the other hand, will provide an immediate solution to this difficulty. It would be a quick and easy approach to provide your audience with the information they seek while also attracting them to your website. To reiterate, video is not a replacement for text on your website; it just adds visual significance to it. As a result, your visitors will be more likely to comprehend your company. This will enhance traffic to both your website and your channel.

Assists You in Ranking Better in Search Engines:


To this day, in the realm of SEO, content is believed to be king, regardless of its type. Even though web crawlers do not index video content, the way the metadata is optimized for the video is critical.

The tactics and approaches for optimizing your video content include video titles, video tags, video descriptions, captions, alt text, etc.  Furthermore, because YouTube is a Google property, increasing prominence in Google’s web page search results will automatically boost your business.

Higher Engagement:

When someone visits a website, they scan it gradually to see whether there is anything worth looking for. If you have a video relating to your work on your homepage, visitors are more inclined to watch it. Rather than writing, a video explaining your work might be more engaging.

Text is obviously crucial to any website. However, if you are weaker on the research side and not so good at playing with words, a good video with enticing visuals would most likely save the day. A well-explained video will answer the majority of the queries that a visitor may have when viewing your website.

Shorter Sales Funnel:

Let’s suppose you own an online business, perhaps a marketing firm. You build a webpage and fill it with text. When a customer visits your website looking for a service, he may become confused and leave without contacting you. On the other hand, if you introduce yourself with minimum writing and include a video showcasing your services, your buyer will get a better notion of what advantage they may obtain from you. In addition, if viewers are impressed by your opening video, they will look for more content from you and will most likely visit your YouTube account.

Result? With that, you not only gained a customer, but also a viewer on your YouTube channel.

Integrating a YouTube Video Gallery into a WordPress Website:

To add a new page to your website dashboard, go to the home page, which is your primary admin dashboard page, and then click on Pages>Add new. Give that newly added page a distinctive title that corresponds to your website’s concept and begin uploading your YouTube videos. When you’re through working on it, click “Publish.” You can easily customize the newly added page and add plug-ins to improve its functionality.

Adding Video Gallery Through Plug-Ins:

Sometimes it can be difficult to add a YouTube gallery to our website due to various YouTube limitations, and other times WordPress only allows you to upload one video at a time on your page. It becomes tiresome and time-consuming to move between the two applications for each new video.

To solve this problem, there is a very useful plug-in ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery that you can add to your website and get your work done. You can use this plugin to show YouTube channels, playlists, videos, and galleries on your website. It is one of the most useful plug-ins, especially for new WordPress users.

We recommend that anyone who has a YouTube channel but does not have a website create one. As a video editing agency, we have worked with a number of YouTubers and have noticed that having a website for your business adds to your success. As it all comes down to ranking, the higher you rank on a search engine, the more you’re known, and your business will expand correspondingly.

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