Instagram Video Types and Tips to Reel In Followers


Growing a follower base isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do globally. As a general rule, video tends to do better than pictures as it is a storytelling medium. The more people you can engage with your video, the better it will be for your profile.

When you look at Instagram profiles with a large following, odds are they have a lot of video on the page. It’s what they are using to draw people in and get them to follow, and following the same tactic for your own would be wise. Continue reading to learn Instagram video types and tips to take into account when reeling in followers.

Instagram Video Formats

When it comes to the video formats that you’re working with on Instagram, you have a few choices. Keep your business in mind while aiming for the best visual output possible for the post. Here are the general kinds of formats on Instagram:

  • IGTV. You can upload videos up to an hour in length or have a live broadcast in the IGTV format, which has been quite successful for many influencers online.
  • Reel. Instagram Reels mimic shorter video formats on social media, which allow people to watch your video and endlessly scroll for new content.
  • Stories. Stories work the same way on Instagram as they do on the main feed, but they are meant to be short clips that are around 15 seconds long and that expire daily.
  • Feed Videos. In-feed video posts are just like stories but will only appear in the main feed and profile rather than popping up at the top in your followers’ Instagram stories.

Instagram Video Types

When you’re talking about the basic kinds of video that you will see on Instagram, there are different kinds that are geared towards various groups of people. Understanding the video type you want to produce would be helpful. Here are some video types on Instagram to remember:

  • Tutorial. Tutorials are videos geared toward how-to’s or DIY guides that someone might want to use to see how a skill can be done.
  • Teaser. Teasers are short clips that will show the vibe of a video, like a preview of some product or service coming up.
  • Collab. Collabs are posted with other influencers on their Instagram page, and they typically tend to be fun collections of shots with a theme.
  • Vlog. A vlog is a video that is comprised of clips, shot to look like a person is talking about their life and their experiences.

Instagram Video Tips

Quality over quantity is the best tip to take into account on Instagram, which is why finding a freelance video editor is recommended. Your video should be as crisp and clean as possible to avoid any poor quality that would badly reflect on you, after all. Have things professionally produced and await the results in your metrics.

Plus, when you’re using videos, always make sure to add in a location alongside a couple of hashtags that are relevant to your video. This will help it show up in the search results for people interested in that type of content, which will build your audience in the long run.


Instagram videos are a great way to make your content more relevant to your audience, and they can be used in a business world to make your business more reputable. Pander to your audience and create engaging content.

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