YouTube Algorithm in 2022


YouTube has always prioritized its viewers, which is why it has constantly improved its algorithms to ensure their satisfaction. The reason behind these updates is to provide viewers with easy access to the videos they want to watch while also maximizing long-term viewer satisfaction.

We’ve all heard about YouTube’s success stories, but there are some things that every active YouTube user should be aware of:

  • Globally, YouTube has 2.1 billion users.
  • Every minute, over 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube.
  • Global ad revenue is estimated to be 19.77 billion US dollars.
  • According to a 2020 survey, 74% of US adults reported using YouTube more than any other app or website.

Now that we’re talking about YouTube algorithms, let’s look at how they’ve worked in the past and how they’re doing now.

First Algorithm: (2005-2011)

YouTube, as a user-friendly platform, has always updated its algorithms based on the needs and demands of its viewers, and it has done so numerous times. The very first algorithm was focused on “clicks and views“. To clarify, it was all about how many people clicked through and watched a specific video. 

The first video to reach one million views on YouTube was a Nike advertisement starring Ronaldinho. However, when people started making clickbait videos, these algorithms began to fail. As a result, original content was devalued, prompting YouTube to revise its algorithm.

Second Algorithm Update: (2012-2016)

The redesigned YouTube algorithm in 2012 was centered on “time.” According to this latest algorithm, the more time you spend watching a specific video, the more likely YouTube will suggest similar videos in your feed so that you can have fun watching time.

Third Algorithm Update: (2016-2022)

With the 2016 algorithm revision, came more “personalization” options. Viewers can now watch content tailored to their interests based on their watch history, search history, and video completion history. YouTube began conducting surveys in order to gain a better understanding of its viewers’ interests and improve their experience.

Even though the YouTube partner program began in 2007, the advertising rules were never strictly enforced. Before 2016, many videos had unethical and violent advertisements. However, with the new update to the YouTube algorithm in 2016, the rules and policies on ads were more strict and tightened than ever before.

YouTube Algorithm Today:

YouTube provides the best experience and insights into how the new algorithm works in 2022. It is also very useful for content creators because it keeps them aware of what things they need to look after for their content to rank high.

Let’s just discover the area where this algorithm has an effect to have a closer look at each one of them.

  1. How YouTube’s Home Page Have Changed:

The home page of any website is responsible for attracting the majority of traffic; it is the place where someone lands when they click or enter to visit a specific website. So this page must also look good. Your YouTube home page suggestions are heavily influenced by how you use this website. The more videos you watch, the more suggestions for related content you’ll see on your YouTube home page. All of the channels you’ve subscribed to will appear here as well.

Two factors that largely affect your home page rankings are:

Demographics: Most likely, your YouTube will provide recommendations based on the experiences of other viewers similar to you. If someone has the same watch patterns as you and had a satisfying experience, YouTube will recommend the same content to you. This would be made possible by the information YouTube has gathered about you.

Personalization: Your search history is the second most important factor. The topics you’ve searched on the internet and YouTube, the types of videos you’ve watched, and the channels to which you’re subscribed play an important role in the type of content that YouTbue suggests.

Some Tips for the Content Creators:

When the algorithm is updated, content creators, particularly YouTubers, are the most affected. Because their entire channel is based on ranking, they must be cautious of any changes made to the platform. Some pointers to help them rank their video and get it on someone’s feed.

  • First things first, Don’t create content solely for the sake of money or fame. Be your analyst and biggest critic. Would you like to see this type of video if you were a viewer?
  • Don’t Take short breaks between uploading videos.
  • Take note of your audience. Determine what type of content they prefer.
  • Check your YouTube Analytics regularly to see where you stand.

2. The Concept of Suggested Videos:


Suggested videos are the ones that appear in the sidebar while you’re watching another video. The question here is that the majority of the videos in the sidebar are extremely relevant to what you typically watch or want to watch next. This is determined by the following factors:

  • Often people watch some videos together. As a result, YouTube may see it as something relatable and begin showing it together.
  • Or perhaps they are of the same type, i.e. related to the same subject.
  • And, once again, it is based on your viewing history.

How do the Content Creators place their videos in the Suggestion Bar:

  • To get your videos in the viewer’s suggestion bar, try making them in series. Make them as related as possible. For example, if you have a channel where you teach guitar to viewers, try to make video lessons in series and upload them accordingly.
  • Create a playlist of related videos.
  • YouTube provides several options such as a playlist, call to action, or link, so pay close attention to the ending of your video to ensure that your videos appear one after the other in someone’s suggestion bar.
  • Your video title and thumbnail are crucial in making your video look appealing and in its placement as well.

3. The Way Search Option Works:


You should be aware that, despite its close relationship with Google, YouTube employs different SEO techniques. Views do not determine a video’s ranking on YouTube. The criteria used by YouTube to rank a video in search are based on:

Relevance: The keyword that you enter into the search bar is very important. YouTube focuses on that keyword and searches for videos with a similar title, description, or content.

Engagement and Watch Time: Viewers who were looking for something similar to you and watched specific videos that engaged them the most or kept them watching for the longest time would be prioritized.

How could this be helpful for Content Creators:

  • You do not need to stuff your video with keywords for it to appear in search results. Instead, research the keywords people are using to find your videos and work on improving them.
  • Create a detailed but informative description of your topic.
  • Use translation tools to make it more accessible and simple for a global audience.
  • Look for trending videos and determine which topics are appropriate for your channel.

4. Subscribers:


The most important accomplishment is getting someone to subscribe to your channel. Your content must be of sufficient quality to entice viewers to subscribe. People who subscribe to your channel have been greatly inspired by your content and want to see more of it. Your videos will be visible to your subscribers in the subscription box that appears on the home page. Your most recent videos would be displayed in that tab automatically.

How to increase subscribers:

  • Make a point of encouraging your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Either at the end of the video or the most engaging point.
  • Examine the YouTube analytics tool for videos that have performed well in the past and try to create similar content. This will be extremely beneficial to you.

5. Restricted Mode and Its Use:


It is an optional mode provided by YouTube that is primarily used to filter out videos for you to watch. To make this option effective for you, go to settings and enable it. The Restricted mode algorithm is based on automatic detection of your video content and will filter out content based on violence, sexual situations, drug and alcohol consumption, and other factors.

What it has for content Creators:

This mode will sometimes filter out videos that do not require any filtering at all. So you must check to ensure that you are not experiencing such a problem. Turn on restricted mode to manually check your videos; if that doesn’t work, contact the help center.

Make the Best Use of This Information:

Even though we have a lot of information about the most recent updates to YouTube’s algorithms, there is still a lot we don’t know. As a result, we must be vigilant and monitor the performance of the content using the tools provided by YouTube.

Because the YouTube algorithm has changed over the years and may change in the future, all you need to do is focus on your content and strive to improve it with each passing day. As a YouTuber, you may require assistance in a variety of areas, especially editing. Editing Machine is a YouTube-specific company that has professional video editors to help you edit your video content and make appealing thumbnails along with catchy descriptions and titles for your videos. . Go check out the link for the details. 

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