The Basics of How YouTube Editors Charge for Their Services

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In the past decade, YouTube has become one of the top social media platforms, thanks to the various content creators that found success on the platform. However, part of the process is editing a video before uploading it, which can be time-consuming. For this reason, YouTube content creators who are big enough hire editors to work for them.

YouTube editors are in demand due to their videos’ high views. Their work ranges from simple tilting and colouring to advanced colour correction, adding and removing footage, and voice-over work. The hours of work put into a video can vary, as can the cost, which many people often don’t know about. We’ll discuss it all in this article, so read on below to get started.

How Much Do YouTube Editors Charge?

As with any job, you want to be compensated for your expertise and services. Knowing what your potential clients are willing to pay for your services will allow you to set your fees accordingly.

A YouTuber who is just starting and looking to get a head start on their channel will pay an editor around £100 to £200 per video. For this price, you will receive a five-minute video with simple editing.

At £200, you can expect to include the original audio track, sound effects, and simple colour grading. A standard video with high-quality art and colour correction will cost you around £500.

Factors that Determine Rates

Three primary factors determine the rates of a YouTube editor. These are:

Fixed Fee

The fixed fee is the most common type of arrangement, where the editor and creator both agree on a flat fee, so you don’t have to worry about it later. The flat fee is dependent on the terms established between the involved parties.

Hourly Rate

In this arrangement, the editor will be paid per hour, with additional fees for adding or removing footage or more advanced work. The hourly rate is also dependent on the agreement between the parties.

Cost Per Minute

This sort of arrangement means the editor is paid a standard rate to produce a video of a certain length. Still, it will cost the creator significantly more if the length of the video is considerably longer than expected.

Finding the Right YouTube Editor

As with any job hunt, you’ll have to do your research before hiring anyone. If you’re able to find someone interested in your project, they will usually ask you a few questions as well. The more specific you can be with your answers, the better, as this will make finding the right person much easier.

When finding an editor for YouTube videos, you must consider the following:


Knowing how much you can pay to get the quality you want is extremely important. The budget you set will impact how much you can pay for the services.

Sample Work

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider because an editor’s portfolio will show you the type of work they are accustomed to doing. If you’re looking for someone to edit your video, look to their past work and ensure the editing style is suitable for the type of video you are looking to create.


Experience is essential when choosing the right person for the job. A great way of getting a reasonable estimate of how experienced someone is is to check their portfolio, demonstrating their past work. If you are concerned about the experience of the person you are working with, you can always contact their previous clients to get more information.


As with any professional service, you want to work with a professional editor and can communicate well. This way, you won’t have to worry about any problems throughout the process.


When looking for a YouTube video editor, you should try to find someone who is professional and good at their job. Understanding how a video editor can benefit your YouTube channel will help you find the right person in no time.


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