The Importance of Video Editing Before Posting on Youtube

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With over a billion users and billions of videos watched every day on its platform, YouTube is the ultimate platform for video marketing. With video transcription services, you’ll have accurate transcriptions of what was said, allowing you to optimise your video content for search engines. 

However, it’s important to edit your videos when uploading your content to YouTube, whether you’re a novice camera operator or a seasoned professional. This is a critical element of the post-production process, which brings the images and sounds together into a cohesive whole.

Here’s why video editing is essential:

1. Allow a Review of Your Entire Content

Editing your video provides an opportunity for a complete review of your footage and your message. You can then determine what needs to be cut, added, or revised. It’s a great way to focus on your footage and improve the effectiveness of your video.

You can review your entire message, not just the content.

In post-production, you’ll likely need to review your entire content package:

  1. Does it have the correct aspect ratio? Adhering to the proper aspect ratio will prevent distortion on one side of your video.
  1. Are the subtitles timed to match the audio? Are they accurate?
  1. Is the audio sufficient? Does it have any ambient noise? Can you make out the audio clearly?
  1. Are all the graphics integrated into your video? Are they professionally produced?

2. Enhance Creative Decisions

Editing your video allows you to enhance the creative decisions during production. You can choose from a range of video effects and transitions to integrate your graphics and audio.

Once you’ve decided on the elements for your video and their order, you can start implementing them in the editing process. You can use the creative decisions during filming to enhance your video.

Integrating graphics, music, and sound effects will bring your video to life and make it stand out from the rest.

3. Create a Perfect Flow

The editing process brings together your video, graphics, audio, and text in a way that flows logically. This is an important step that brings the entire package together.

After reviewing all your content in the pre-production process, you should be able to get a feel for how the individual components fit together to create a whole.

During the post-production process, you can choose how to integrate your videos with the other content. The editing process will help you unify the video, text, graphics, and audio into a smoothly flowing, cohesive whole.

4. Guarantee Smooth Transitions

Your video should flow seamlessly from one element to the next. This helps provide a more professional look and feel to your videos.

There are various transitions that can be used to create smooth transitions between your video content, graphics, and text. You can also use music and sound effects to transition between scenes smoothly.


Editing your video allows you to focus on your message and improve the effectiveness of your video. You’ll have an opportunity to enhance the creative decisions during filming and create a perfect flow of video, graphics, and text. You can guarantee smooth transitions that will bring your videos to life through video editing software.

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